China Pharmacy (online edition) adhered to the aim of “Create a brand-name journal for medical and health navigation in China”. It presents in the form of popular science edition and science and technology edition. The 2 editions will show featured columns about Humanities pharmacy, Pharmacists talking about medicine and Postmarketing re-evaluation, Pharmacoeconomics, etc., focusing on all levels of personnel working in hospital pharmacy and social pharmacy, and regularly publishing in China pharmacy network, China pharmacy mobile network, WeChat platform, Weibo, APP and other new media platforms.

Popular science edition

Featured columns include Cutting-edge medicine, Humanity pharmacy, Pharmacists talking about medicine, Licensed Pharmacist, Pharmacy horizon, Family medicine box and Fun in pharmacy, etc. The above-mentioned columns will temporarily publish in both quarterly news and new media three-dimensional network (official website, two micro-ends). It aims to propaganda, teach and popularize the knowledge of popular science medicine.

Science and technology edition

Featured columns include Consistency evaluation, Postmarketing re-evaluation, Pharmacoeconomics, Typical cases, Interpretation guidelines and Review, etc. The above-mentioned columns are thought to adopt Open Access (OA) publishing, interpreting the latest drug policy, spreading the most cutting-edge pharmaceutical information and collecting rare cases of adverse drug reactions. It aims to make pharmacy professionals have access to sharing, and make an easy way for pharmacy institutions for information querying and collecting.

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Latest Ariticles

Review and Prospective on Biomedical Development Read More [DOWNLOAD PDF]

Liu Changxia,Qin Tianyue,LI Yazhuo

  Received October 3,2018   Accepted November 1,2018   Published November 5,2018

  Update date 2018-11-5

A Brief Discussion on the Cream Formula for Nourishing and Regulating Female Read More [DOWNLOAD PDF]


  Received June 23,2018   Accepted July 20,2018   Published August 22,2018

  Update date 2018-8-22

Advance in Search for Pharmacogenomics and Curative Effect of Benazepri… Read More [DOWNLOAD PDF]

ZHONG Xinzhu QIU Huazhang WU Xueyan XU Luning

  Received July 18,2018   Accepted July 19,2018   Published July 20,2018

  Update date 2018-7-20

Review of Relationship of Chinese Cream Formula,Water-Soluble Dietary Fiber and Intestinal Microflora Regulation… Read More [DOWNLOAD PDF]

Huang Li,Ma Zhijing,Xiao Fang

  Received May 25,2018   Accepted June 25,2018   Published June 30,2018

  Update date 2018-7-5

Tools for Diabets Research and Their Use in Drug and Gene Therapy… Read More [DOWNLOAD PDF]

He Qun,Mei Xingguo

  Received March 3,2018   Accepted March 8,2018   Published May 8,2018

  Update date 2018-5-8


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