Journal of China Pharmacy

Journal of China Pharmacy, supervised by the National Health Commission of the People’s Republic of China and operated by China Hospital Association and Chongqing University Cancer Hospital, is a comprehensive state-level journal of pharmacy published both at home and abroad. The journal aims at those readers engaged in hospital pharmacy (Dept. of Pharmacy) as well as those engaged in the research & development, production, operation and clinical use of medicines and pharmaceutical administrators. The journal was founded in Jan. 1990 and has always adhered to the purpose of "creating a famous brand of China's publishing industry, guiding the medical and healthy business". It has a stable team of authors and readers in hospitals at all levels, medical colleges and universities and medical research institutes across the country, and has a wide influence in the industry.

At present, the items of journal of China Pharmacy, semimonthly journal, contain Medical and Pharmaceutical Hotspots (involving Experts Forum, Current Medical Frontier, Key Theoretical Topics, Guidelines/Consensus and Interpretation), Pharmaceutical Administration (involving Medical and Health Policy, Hospital Pharmacy Administration, Market Analysis and Bidding, Community Drugstore, Licensed Pharmacist), Pharmacy Research (involving Fundamental Research, Preparation and Technology, Drug Analysis and Determination, Traditional Chinese Medicine and Ethnic Medicine), Pharmacoeconomics (involving Economics Research, Research on Medical Insurance), Drugs and Clinic (involving Medication Observation, Precise Treatment, Monitoring of Blood Concentration, Clinical Pharmacology, Adverse Drug Reaction), Evidence-based Pharmacy (involving System Evaluation of Clinical Drug Use, Evidence-based Research), Pharmacist and Pharmaceutical Care (involving Analysis of Drug Data, Prescription Comment, Administration Monitoring, Community Pharmacy), Review, etc. To improve the printing quality of the journal, from Vol. 32, No. 5 in March 2021, the text of the journal is printed with full color instead on the basis of maintaining the original characteristic style, which can not only provide readers with more comprehensive and accurate information but also fully reflect the research results of scientists.

According to 2022 Annual Report for Chinese Academic Journal Impact Factors (Natural Science) published by CNKI, journal of China Pharmacy ranked first among pharmaceutical journals again (in Q1 area), and our Academic Journal Clout Index (CI) ranked first among the 68 academic journals of "pharmacy" in China.

Journal of China Pharmacy is indexed in “Core Journal of China”, “Source Journal for Chinese Scientific and Technical Papers and Citations”, “Scien-tech Periodical for Statistics Source in China”, “Chinese Periodical Matrix Double-Effect Periodical”, “RCCSE Chinese Core Academic Journal”, “Source Journal for Annual Report for Chinese Academic Journal Impact Factors” and “Source Journal for China Open Access Journals (COAJ)”. Journal of China Pharmacy had been praised as “Source Journal for Chinese Science Citation Database (CSCD)” during 2009-2014, and is included by Chinese Medical Current Content (CMCC), CMCI, Chinese Journal Full Text Database (CFJD), Chinese Biomedical Database on disc (CBMdisc), World Journal Clout Index (WJCI) Report (2020 STM), Chemical Abstracts (CA) of US, Abstract Journal (AJ) of Russia, International Pharmaceutical Abstract (IPA), Western Pacific Region Index Medicus (WPRIM) of WHO, Ulrich’s Periodicals Directory (UPD), Database of Japan Science and Technology Agency (JST), etc. Journal of China Pharmacy succeeded in winning many prizes such as the First Excellent-Journal Prize of Ministry of Public Health and Chongqing, the First-Assembly Excellent-Journal Prize of the National Health and Family Planning Commission and the First-Assembly Publication Award of Chongqing Government, and was the winner of the Third-Assembly China National Periodical Prize, 2018 China's Most Beautiful Medical and Health Journal Prize, Chongqing Brand Periodicals of Seventieth Anniversary of the Founding of the People's Republic of China, 2020 Chongqing Most Beautiful Journal Award. Journal of China Pharmacy was selected in the "Excellent Periodical Exhibition of Seventieth Anniversary of the Founding of the People's Republic of China" of 2019 Beijing International Book Fair (BIBF). The journal has been praised as a first-class periodical in the comprehensive quality assessment of Chongqing periodicals for consecutive years, as well as an excellent periodical in the quality assessment of editing and proofreading of Chongqing periodicals, and has been supported by the special fund for publishing of Chongqing for 10 consecutive years since 2013.